Tasting California

Our journey begins between here and there. These are stories of travels, food, and the wonderful people met along the way. So get your favorite beverage, layout your favorite snacks, and relax, Let’s take a trip.

To fall in love with California is instant, to fall in love in California is a completely different place in itself. I’ve done both. It is more than just a wonderful place to experience. California for me is love, family, friends, and food. While traveling through California I’ve learned that our experiences gives us existence, and time isn’t getting shorter, it is condensed by our focus.

Today begins in downtown San Diego’s little Italy district. At a restaurant named Filippi’s Pizza Grotto. We enter through the front of Filippi’s which is an old Italian delicatessen. Wonderful cheeses, and dried meats hang from the Ceiling. Two large loud Italian men harass and hand people standing in line samples of their meats, and cheeses. Loud noises from the cooks and the permitting smells of the kitchen are deliciously intoxicating.

After a short wait we’re greeted by a wonderful happy hostess and seated promptly. The entrance was a bit overwhelming, but was a great experience. And we did get some dried salami to enjoy later. Chianti bottles line the ceiling old wooden lattice lines the walls. Wooden table and chairs covered with red and white checkered cloths. A true classic Italian pizzeria at it’s best. We Ordered a large Filippi‘s special and a half decanter of Chianti. The pizza came piping hot and perfectly cooked. The Chianti was a perfect compliment to the pizza. This early dinner was nothing less than magical. The atmosphere, the smells, the taste, the wonderful people. All made this experience excellent. San Diego has an unexplainable relaxed energy about it. San Diego feels young and alive the crisp Pacific air is refreshing.

A 10 minute drive north of downtown San Diego we find ourselves in Pacific Beach. Toes in the sand chilled bottle of Chardonnay, wonderful company and a beautiful sunset. this is how we wind down our evening in Southern California. Tomorrow a beautiful beginning with breakfast. So until then enjoy to the fullest.

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